Get to Know Your Self (Refactored)

While Ruby is an incredibly user-friendly language, it’s not without its conundrums—one in particular being self. self is a Ruby reserved word that can be scoped to any class or instance of a class. This enables developers to contextually reference a particular instance or class—depending on what the needs are for their program—without using a specific variable name. It's not hard to see how this could quickly become confusing. Read on to walk through some simple examples and gain a better understanding of the concept of self.

Knowing When to Quit

Sometimes quitting can be a good thing.

Slipsum L. Jackson

I created this post as part of a demonstration while recording a Code Talk video! Find great resources on blogging, GitHub Pages, Jekyll, and Lorem Ipsum generators here.

Creating Rxeactions

Read through the process of how I created my second project at Flatiron where app users can privately track medications they’ve been prescribed as well as side effects, thoughts, and feelings associated with those medications. I share where the idea for this project came from and how I got started with setting up the project. Then, I get into the build, breaking it down by the MVC (Model View Controller) file structure. To end the post, I touch on styling a little bit, I share some troubleshooting issues that I experienced and I wrap up with expansion features I hope to add on in the future.

What's Up With That!?: SINATRA_ENV

If you’re in the Sinatra Active Record section of the Flatiron School, you’ve probably seen this error message a few times “Migrations are pending. Run rake db:migrate SINATRA_ENV=test to resolve the issue.” Well we know we need to run rake db:migrate to create our migration tables, but "SINATRA_ENV"... what’s up with that!? It turns out that "SINATRA_ENV" is much more powerful than you might think and is the key (both literally and figuratively) to making your program run effectively.

Creating BeerSnob

Read through the process of how I created my first project at Flatiron where app users can choose from a predefined list to learn about different beer styles and their characteristics. I detail the steps I took to set up the project, the function of each program file, and some struggles I ran into along the way.