Software engineer. Always smiling. Spanish speaker. Book junkie. Crossword puzzler. Avid animal lover. Philly all the way. I take advice with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila. #TempleMade

I'm much more than that, but it's hard to capture yourself in so few words.

I graduated from Temple University with a BA in Spanish. By nature I'm very friendly and compassionate but my time spent living in north Philly definitely gave me two kinds of education: book smarts and street smarts. Still, the city of Philadelphia—so full of color and character—holds a special place in my heart that will never be erased.

I've been operating my pet sitting business Happy Pets by Meg for many years now and have taken care of all species of animals, including pot bellied pigs, crested geckos, and ducks. When I want to relax, I'll work on a crossword puzzle, a pastime I came to love while on bed rest recovering from back surgery at the age of fourteen. I also read every night to wind down and give my eyes a break from the many hours of screen time they weather each day.

As I continue this learning journey of solidifying my software engineering skills, I look for every opportunity I can get to glean advice from others who have been there before me. I may receive helpful advice, I may not, but I always rely on my own strength and personal experience above all because in the end I'm the person who cares most about whether or not I succeed. And even when it gets difficult, I still remind myself to enjoy the adventure, not take myself too seriously, and have fun along the way to my goals.