Creating Rxeactions

Read through the process of how I created my second project at Flatiron where app users can privately track medications they’ve been prescribed as well as side effects, thoughts, and feelings associated with those medications. I share where the idea for this project came from and how I got started with setting up the project. Then, I get into the build, breaking it down by the MVC (Model View Controller) file structure. To end the post, I touch on styling a little bit, I share some troubleshooting issues that I experienced and I wrap up with expansion features I hope to add on in the future.

What's Up With That!?: SINATRA_ENV

If you’re in the Sinatra Active Record section of the Flatiron School, you’ve probably seen this error message a few times “Migrations are pending. Run rake db:migrate SINATRA_ENV=test to resolve the issue.” Well we know we need to run rake db:migrate to create our migration tables, but "SINATRA_ENV"... what’s up with that!? It turns out that "SINATRA_ENV" is much more powerful than you might think and is the key (both literally and figuratively) to making your program run effectively.

Creating BeerSnob

Read through the process of how I created my first project at Flatiron where app users can choose from a predefined list to learn about different beer styles and their characteristics. I detail the steps I took to set up the project, the function of each program file, and some struggles I ran into along the way.

HTML & CSS: The ‘90s Kids of Programming

The combination of HTML and CSS make up a huge part of front-end web development. If a program touches the Internet, it will without a doubt rely on HTML and CSS at its base level. There are plenty of frameworks and templates that do a lot of (if not all) the work for you, but this leads to websites and apps looking like homogenous cookie-cutter builds. Contrary to popular belief, I think that HTML and CSS are still as important as they were some two decades past so in this post I go back to the very basics and give an introduction to each of these amazing languages for those who may be new to software development.

The Little Things Matter

The title of this post may be a bit misleading. I'm not telling you to stress out over the little details and tiny mistakes, but when you're first learning something new, that's definitely the time to be aware of them and form good habits to combat any bad ones you see beginning to develop because sometimes small mistakes can snowball into big misunderstandings. I give some examples in my post here—one relating to my Spanish learning experience at Temple, the other concerning a recent lab I had trouble solving.

My $witch to $oftware Development

My path in life so far has been somewhat non-traditional. I went to college for four years with only one summer break (working three jobs at one point), I've never had a defined career path so I took jobs based on opportunity, I've been fortunate enough to travel to several countries and still save up enough to become a single female homeowner when I turned 25, and I basically came out on the other end of a quarter-life crisis with a new, daring plan for my life in mind. This post outlines key moments that got me to where I am today and will surely be followed in the future by other similar posts.